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Route Delivery:  Scheduled delivery of the reusable goods that your farm consumes the most.  From CIP cleaning products to gloves, the route truck has it all.  Contact us today to get on the route program!

Scheduled Maintenance:   Routine maintenance on all of your dairy equipment.  Our maintenance program will keep all of your equipment in tip-top shape allowing you to safely and cleanly harvest milk.  Call us so we can develop your maintenance sheet and provide you some peace of mind.

Emergency Service:  Help is just a phone call away with our 24/7/365 emergency service. 

St. Johns (989) 227-2355

Cass City (989) 872-5690

Lake City (231) 839-0566

New Facility Install:  Rest easy knowing that Roberts Dairy Service can help you with nearly all aspects of your new facility.   As an authorized dealer of Norbco Barn Equipment, Houle Manure Equipment, and WestfaliaSurge Milking Equipment Roberts Dairy Service is a total solutions provider. 
Contact us to get started on the new facility you have always wanted.

Parlor Remodel:  We have just the solution for the parlor that has a lot of life but just needs some upgrades.  Takeoff upgrades while you milk or complete slide in parlors, Roberts Dairy Service has years of experience with upgrading parlors with limited disruption to your current operation.  Call today to find out how we can help you with your remodel.

System Upgrades:  Crowd gates, sort gates, vacuum pumps, pulsators, milk pumps, milk tanks and Houle manure equipment are only a few of the system upgrades on an extensive list.  If you are looking to upgrade a part of your system we have a solution, call and give us the details.

Liner Service:  Rest easy knowing your liners will be changed on time-every time, with our liner program.  Liners come to your dairy and are installed for you at every change-out.   We have a wide variety of liners to offer and certainly will have one to fit your needs.  Call today to get set-up with our liner service.